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Step One

Enter your Ethereum or DeSo wallet address

50% of the fees generated from swaps you referred will automatically be distributed to this wallet address. For Ethereum addresses, payouts will be distributed as USDC. For DeSo addresses, payouts will be distributed as DUSDC.

You must generate a minimum of $50 in fees before distributions begin.

Ethereum wallet address or DeSo wallet address

Step Two

Customize your unique referral link

Your unique referral link will be in the form of:<AFFILIATE_NAME>

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This is an optional step for internal-use only and will never be shared publicly. It's only useful in case we need to reach out and contact you by email.

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Swap cross-chain assets fast & privately with HeroSwap

Guaranteed Liquidity

With our cross-chain crypto swapping platform, never fret about liquidity. It's guaranteed and ready for your transactions anytime.

Swaps Instantly

Don't wait for transactions to complete. With our platform, you can swap any supported crypto instantly - it takes less than 5 seconds.

No Signups or Login

No signups, no logins and no wallet connections. Start swapping right away with nothing to slow you down or risk your privacy.

No Custody Risk

We don't ask for seed phrases or private keys. Keep your coins where they belong - with you.

Embed In Any App

Make any app a crypto hub. Embed our platform in your application with just a single line of code.

Secure & Private

We prioritize your security and privacy. Enjoy anonymous, secure crypto swapping for your peace of mind.

Passive Revenue

By embedding HeroSwap, you can earn income from every swap. Perfect for app developers, traders and affiliates.

Fully White-Label API

With our permissionless and public API, we offer full white-label integration for your app.

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